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House wiring and electrical safety for your home by Master Electricians in Wellington - Lower Hutt - Porirua.

House rewiring and switchboard upgrade

Electrical installations can age and can become overloaded, particularly in old homes where the wiring was not designed for the number of electrical appliances in use today. 

If your house is over a certain age and the wiring is outdated, insurance policies may not cover any damage which may occur due to an electrical fire.  If you install a number of new appliances, or a large appliance such as a central heating system, it’s a good idea to have an electrician check the capability of your meter board and wiring. Overloading them can be dangerous. 

As well as house wiring for new buildings, you can get your existing property rewired to ensure that it meets insurance policy standards (so that you are covered for damage caused by an electrical fire).

Warning signs that the installations in your home are becoming dangerous include plugs and sockets that are hot to the touch or have brown scorch marks on them, fuses that blow and circuit breakers that trip for no reason, and flickering lights.

These signs may mean that the wiring in your home needs upgrading.  If you notice any of the above warning signs, have us check the internal wiring of your home and give you a quote for any work required to bring the wiring up to today's standards.

** Hamish from Wainui

Mark was exceptionally thorough in tidying up our electrical problems that we had in our recently purchased 1960 house in Wainui. We asked CDR to wire up an outside hot water cylinder and install some power points, a heated towel rail ,a light/heat extractor unit in the bathroom, wire up a new stove and remove redundant wiring. While Mark was here he found some old existing rubber wiring and some other unsafe wiring in the fuse board which he then rectified. We would highly recommend Mark and CDR Electrical Ltd. 

Pre-purchase house inspection

We can provide pre-purchase electrical checks to ensure the house that you are buying is safe to inhabit and doesn't have any faulty wiring.

Electrical safety checks are beneficial in that the inspection will pick up on anything that may require updating or replacing in the future, and therefore helps you to assess whether the house is worth purchasing. We will be able to advise you if repairs are necessary to your wiring and provide a written estimate of the cost for you. 

** Jon from Thorndon

It was just a small job to do a pre-purchase Electrical survey but Mark was able to fit it in very quickly and deliver the written report within a couple of days. Excellent communication skills, efficient and professional.

Need more power points?

Don't overload power points, hotpoints or sockets by 'piggy-backing' too many plugs.

We can install additional power points to your home to match a growing demand for today's "plugged-in world".

** Martin from CHP Builders

I was on a job removing structural walls in which my customer asked me if I knew a good electrician to move a lot of light switches and hotpoints. I contacted Brian and he had Richard on site the next day and completed the work in six hours which I though it would take him a very long day. It was a tough job which took a lot of patience. A very clean and tidy job left at the end.

Smoke alarms

Working smoke alarms are the best way to make sure you and your family get an early warning of a fire so you can get out alive.

Many homes have battery operated smoke alarms, but are they in the correct place and do they actually work? An alternative to the battery smoke alarms is a 230V smoke alarm – you don’t have batteries to replace. This type of smoke alarm can be linked in chains so that if one alarm goes off then all the alarms in the house go off together.

We can advise you of the optimum positions for smoke alarms in your home. 


An RCD is an electrical safety device that provides protection by rapidly disconnecting the electricity supply in many situations where someone could otherwise receive a fatal electric shock. An RCD offers a high level of personal protection.

** Switchboard RCDs are installed at the switchboard to provide protection of selected circuits or groups of circuits. A switchboard RCD is the best option in most situations, as it protects all the electrical wiring and appliances supplied from that circuit. The law requires these to be installed only by a licensed electrician or electrical inspector.


** Socket outlet RCDs can be installed to replace standard socket outlets (power points). Built into standard socket outlets (power points) to provide protection to equipment plugged into that outlet and, if required, downstream protection of other outlets. It is a legal requirement for bathrooms and other damp areas to be electrically safe and it is common practice to use socket outlet RCDs to achieve this. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ Energy Safety Service recommends that these are installed by a licensed electrician.  

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